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If I Knew Then What I Know Now; ~Lessons Learnt in my 20’s~

I’ve been writing this piece for a good few months now (like since February!) and I just couldn’t get that sense of completion with it. I think it has it with the fact that I’m an over-thinker. Well, all that ends now. I'm putting it out there! I believe as you get older, your life… Continue reading If I Knew Then What I Know Now; ~Lessons Learnt in my 20’s~

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It’s Smonday y’all!!

Is it starting to feel like Smonday yet? Probably, it's Sunday evening and the reality of Monday morning is looming! That's exactly what Smonday is! ~It's Sunday evening and the reality of Monday morning is looming!  Smonday..~ Most Sunday mornings are nice and relaxing; hang out with your family make brunch, there's no real plans;… Continue reading It’s Smonday y’all!!

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~Little Toddler; Intense Emotions~

Hello Mama’s! Birthing Jeremiah was one thing; bringing Jeremiah home, adjusting to life with a newborn and a toddler was another. It’s been great having a newborn and an active toddler at home, I’m loving every single bit of it… said no mom everrrrr!!!!! God’s honest truth, it has been the most challenging and frustrating… Continue reading ~Little Toddler; Intense Emotions~

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~Birthing Jeremiah Joshua~

It has taken me longer than I expected to get back into writing after giving birth. Mind you, giving birth is a herculean task and I have to manage my ridiculous expectations of myself every now and then.   On Monday November 5th I woke up around 5am to intense contractions. My contractions were quite painful,… Continue reading ~Birthing Jeremiah Joshua~


~A Single Mother’s Strength~

Single mothers; your strength and power is unimaginable, the intensity of your love and your desire for the survival of your child/children is positively mind blowing. Your will, your tenacity to keep moving forward at all cost is amazing. I have a few friends that are single mother's and I never truly understood what they… Continue reading ~A Single Mother’s Strength~


~~Winter Skincare~~

It is winter lovelies!!  Cold, dry winter weather = dry, winkle prone skin.  I am not a fan of dry skin at all.  It feels tight and uncomfortable, leads to scratches and scarring.  Follow these steps and your skin will thank you! Cleanse Consonant Natural foaming face wash.  I’ve been using this face wash for… Continue reading ~~Winter Skincare~~

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~~37 Weeks Later! Oy!~~

Whoever said the last few weeks of pregnancy will fly by; is talking pure blasted madness!!  The last few weeks of pregnancy do not simply "fly by" they crawl at a glacial pace. The amount of things that need to get organized and ready is monumental but everything else is slow.  The back pain, braxton… Continue reading ~~37 Weeks Later! Oy!~~


~Welcome to SeraJade Beauty & Lifestyle~

Getting back into my writing flow; my liberation; my peace!   I'll be sharing my thoughts on pregnancy, motherhood, marriage, fashion, makeup and everything in between... so basically anything that tickles my fancy and hopefully yours 😉  A bit about me.  I'm a married mom to a beautiful baby girl, Seraphina with another baby on the… Continue reading ~Welcome to SeraJade Beauty & Lifestyle~