~Welcome to SeraJade Beauty & Lifestyle~

Getting back into my writing flow; my liberation; my peace!   I’ll be sharing my thoughts on pregnancy, motherhood, marriage, fashion, makeup and everything in between… so basically anything that tickles my fancy and hopefully yours 😉 

A bit about me.  I’m a married mom to a beautiful baby girl, Seraphina with another baby on the way and wife.  Seraphina is 2 1/2 years old and super excited for her baby brother or sister to get here.  She is the light of our lives and brings us so much joy already.

I’ve decided to start blogging because I need to write.  When I told my husband I want to start a blog he said “That’s great; you talk so much already, you should definitely write.” Bahahaha! I can always trust him to be brutally honest with me.  Writing and expressing how I feel through words and other art forms has always been great for my mental health and helps me see things more clearly.

I have an instagram account by the same name as well.  Feel free to follow for regular beauty and lifestyle updates with lots of pics 🙂

“The liberation found in writing; is tranquility to the soul.” Shan. S 


6 thoughts on “~Welcome to SeraJade Beauty & Lifestyle~”

      1. I am definately tired with my super active toddler and being super pregnant! Lol.. thankfully my husbands job is flexible and my daughter is in full time daycare. We’re considering having her go part time though. . How are you coping with your toddler?


      2. He is very active too! I would be so exhausted if I were to have another one right now. We have a nanny at home and he goes to daycare three times a week. It’s a wonderful age, to see how they evolve day after day, how they begin to speak etc.


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