Welcome to SeraJade Beauty & Lifestyle

Hello and welcome to SeraJade Beauty & Lifestyle!! 

My name is Shanieka and I am a working mom of two children; Seraphina & Jeremiah.  Seraphina just celebrated her 4th birthday and Jeremiah is 18 months old.  I am currently staring down the barrel of returning to work as a Public Health Nurse as my 18 month maternity leave comes to an end.  

I’ve decided to start and maintain a blog simply because I love writing and sharing what I have learned with others.  I was inspired to get back into writing after reading the July 2018 issue of Essence magazine with Janet Jackson on the cover.  There was a magazine article focussed on “happiness” and how women achieve and maintain their happiness through different life stages.  As mother’s and a wives, the things that bring us happiness are often tossed to the wayside as we prioritize our families and other responsibilities.  I decided that writing was that one thing that I wanted to try and hold to.  I need to be the best I can be for my husband and my children, so I need to do some prioritizing to ensure I am well.  wp-1589542566389.jpg

With this blog, my goal is to write informative and at times opinionated pieces on topics ranging from lifestyle, beauty, skincare, fashion and of course, motherhood.  I’m looking forward to sharing and learning with you all.

Welcome… I’m glad you came ❤ 

“The liberation found in writing, is pure tranquility to the soul.” Shanieka Scarlett

6 thoughts on “Welcome to SeraJade Beauty & Lifestyle”

      1. I am definately tired with my super active toddler and being super pregnant! Lol.. thankfully my husbands job is flexible and my daughter is in full time daycare. We’re considering having her go part time though. . How are you coping with your toddler?


      2. He is very active too! I would be so exhausted if I were to have another one right now. We have a nanny at home and he goes to daycare three times a week. It’s a wonderful age, to see how they evolve day after day, how they begin to speak etc.


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