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It’s Smonday y’all!!

Is it starting to feel like Smonday yet? Probably, it’s Sunday evening and the reality of Monday morning is looming! That’s exactly what Smonday is!

~It’s Sunday evening and the reality of

Monday morning is looming!  Smonday..~

Most Sunday mornings are nice and relaxing; hang out with your family make brunch, there’s no real plans; just vibe. Then 5 o’clock hits and you wonder, what’s for dinner, followed quickly by oh crap, it’s Monday tomorrow?!! Anxiety and that deep groaning that the weekend is over starts to sink in.

I’ve been on mat leave for 10 months now and I still have Smonday anxiety.  It’s ingrained in my brain.  Here’s some tips for dealing with Smonday anxiety!

1. Have a general idea of what you would like to accomplish. Make the list short and to the point. The idea is to ease into the week, no

t reorganize the house from top to bottom!

2. Be sure to have some down time on that schedule for the day, especially if you’re a mom! It’s so easy to get caught up in projects and before you know it, it’s dinner time.

~Have a general idea of what you

want to accomplish.~

3. If you’re cooking dinner, plan to start cooking dinner by 3. I say 3 because ain’t nobody going to want to start cooking at 3, it’s going to be 4 when hunger starts to bite! Grab a snack, a glass of wine, ask Google to turn on your chill vibes Playlist and get cooking!

4. If you’re doing lunch prep, get that done in the early afternoon sometime. Get your fruits and veggies washed, chopped and packed away.  If your packing leftovers for lunch, have your containers out and ready to go after dinner is finished being cooked.

5. Delegate, delegate, delegate!!!! Ask those in your house that are able to do tasks to get up and get it done.

6. If you have kids, try and get them active I know it’s easier said than done but they have so much energy to burn. It’s better to get the energy out sooner to avoid tantrums and meltdowns later.

7. Get the kids to bed by 8:30; Netflix & chill!!

8. Ease into Monday.

Monday_ (1)


Having some sort of plan for Smonday, does help. Adulting is hard but we have to do it. Hopefully these tips and an amazing cup of coffee will help.

Be inspired, Monday is the start of a new week. Do something new…

Happy Smonday y’all!

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